Services of Project Management result from approved and sophisticated management methods for big investment projects. Project Manager together with Technical Supervisor (for both civil and MEP works) guarantees project delivery/ performance in given time frame, quality and in perfect accordance with Client’s specifications and requirements. Scope of works of PM and TDI in all project phases are (for the purpose of this offer) listed further.

All outputs can be provided in Czech or English language.

Preparation phase of a project

Preparation phase – Architectural Study, Documentation for Planning Permit, Documentation for Building Permit

  • Project Management strategy
    • Design of an optimal organization and management system with regards to specific conditions of the project and the Client’s potential and intentions. Definition of responsibility and hierarchy of the management in order to secure an effective and successful project management.
  • Review of a construction site
    • Construction site review focuses on the site suitability, infrastructure, needed investments, optimal location and layout of all construction parts and also the building future operation.
  • Program
    • Elaboration of a Construction Program so that all progress deadlines, milestones and all necessary works for realization of Client’s intents are taken into account as well as the state and actual conditions of the project.
  • Management of design works
    • Control of a project documentation performance (Documentation for Building Permit, Tender Documentation, As-built Documentation)
  • Risk analysis
    • Analysis and evaluation of all basic risks especially technical, time, external, financial and organizational ones and design of proposals for risks minimalization. Furthermore elaboration of recommendations for the further process.

Preparation phase – Tender Documentation (documentation of contractor selection)

  • Program update
  • Management of design works
    • Design works management focuses especially on a control of the design conformity with Client’s requirements and relevant statements of state administration authorities related to this project phase.
  • Project Manual
    • Elaboration of the main management document including all areas of organization and management for the building construction.
    • Introduction and adjustment of the Project Manual with other project participants.
  • Tender Process – assuring of a Contractor
    • Cooperation with a Cost Manager on organization and evaluation of Tender Procedure for a Contractor
    • Cooperation on fundamentals for a Work Contract conclusion.
    • Completion of a contractual documentation and its preparation for sign.

Execution phase of a project

  • Organization of preparation works
    • Cooperation with a Client on preparation works related to the construction commencement like e.g. construction site take over, energy supply of the site etc.
  • Organization and management of construction works
    • Management of Contractor’s works in accordance with a relevant Work Contract. This scope of works includes especially the following:
      • Review of the project documentation including technological procedures with regards to possibilities of optimizing of the construction ways in light of cost, time and quality
      • Organization and management of regular control days including written records
      • Continuous control of a Site Dairy (entries made by a Contractor) and archiving of appropriate copies for a Client
      • Review of works progress in accordance with the Project Program and Working Schedules
      • Use Material Quality Control by controlling of provided samples and continuous control of the materials proper performance/ installation in accordance with specifications, standards and Client’s requirements
      • Implementation of an Evidence System and Change Administration
  • Technical Supervision of an Investor (TDI)
  • Management of Life and Health Safety and security during works and security of a construction site (function of a Coordination of BOZP in accordance with the law 309/2006 Sb.)
  • Changes and Amendments Management within construction
  • Elaboration of monthly Construction Progress Reports
    • Elaboration of monthly reports showing especially information about the works progress including a photo documentation, a state of project documentation, evaluation of Work Schedules, reports of troubled areas and recommendations for a Client, if there any steps needed from his side.
  • Implementation of a System for Final Take Over
    • Organization of Final Take Over of single works or groups of works; Classification of snags, defects and discrepancies and management of their removal
    • Negotiation about a range and scope of tests and examinations and attendance at their performance
    • Control of elaboration and hand over of all material relevant for operation and maintenance, As-built Documentation and hand-over of this documentation to a Client