Recently buildings are commonly assessed by their energy performance via Building Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in accordance to Decree 148/2007 Coll., or via Energy Audit in accordance to Decree 213/2001 Coll., in which not only building energies are assessed but for example also emissions of harmful substances. Forthcoming amendment (nr. 406/2000 Coll.) will bring also changes this area.

Green Building rating systems such as BREEAM (UK) LEED (USA) DGNB (Německo) EU GreenBuilding (EU) SBtoolCZ (CZ) and others, help building users to determine what level of environmental protection and quality of internal environment the building achieves. Allocation of credits for both compulsory and voluntary, technical and construction, elements which supports Green design in the given categories determines level of success of which the building can be proud of.

In the Czech republic the most widespread rating systems are LEED and BREEAM. Both systems provide very detailed procedure for construction of new buildings, for extension / reconstruction of existing buildings and their equipment as well as for assessment of existing buildings itselfs. Since June 2010 we can keep in evidence also Czech rating system – SBToolCZ which first has to conquer his place on the market.

Green Buildings

Those buildings are developed in accordance with sustainable development, utilize renewable source of energy as solar, water and soil more effectively than buildings built based on normal standards. Green buildings are also more eco-friendly and they provide internal environment in a way to be in general more healthy, comfortable and productive.

Green development is focused on whole life cycle of the building – it begins with location, design and construction. It continues with operation and maintenance and it ends with reconstruction or demolition. This requires close collaboration from design team, architect and contractor with Green building assessor in all phases of the project.

Between main Green development benefits belong:

  • Reduction of energy consumption and lower maintenance needs
  • Increasing and preserving of building market value
  • Protection and local spread of ecosystems
  • Improvement of health and well-being for building users
  • … and at least, but not last, a powerful marketing tool

Before the final decision to follow the Green way, it is important to invite appropriate professional and together choose the best solution for the object. Such solution must offer optimal payback time and the lowest future operational costs.

If there is not enough time in project schedule determined for incorporating sustainability initiatives, the decision is very often made on the last moment and consequently it is expensive and not always appropriate. To start considering Green building during preliminary design not only hugely saves additional costs, but also time and energy.

Certification with us

We offer Green Building certification by chosen certification system BREEAM, LEED, EU GreenBuilding, DGNB on the level required.

Our team provides either only certification auditor / assesor services or constant support and help as needed to the whole design team during all stages of the certification process.

We are able to provide “turn-key certification“ – including elaboration of Energy simulation, overseeing testing and commissioning process, development of the graphic and text documentation to each criteria

Zelené služby

Sustainable development

Frequently used definition published in 1987 by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), also known as Bruntland Report says: “Sustainable development is development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.” Environmental Law from the 5.12. 1991 (17/1992 Coll.) § 6 defines sustainable development as development which provides possibility to satisfy necessities for present and future generations and which does not reduce nature diversity and which conserves natural ecosystem functions.

Energy building performance is being solved since the 80’s. Gradually it passes to so-called Green Architecture and to Green Buildings. Energy efficient and sustainable buildings could become standard in the Czech Republic. The development leads to consider building as a one functional block providing to building users healthy, high-quality and long-term functional internal environment. In the longtime perspective it is supposed that more emphasis will be given on saving “artificial” powers and reusing of materials because the best energy is the one not consumed.

Area most focused on sustainable development is civil engineering. People spend most of the time in the buildings (both at home and at work) and buildings are responsible for about 50% of worldwide CO2 production and almost 40% of energy in European Union is used for operation of buildings.