Scope of offered services is always optimized in accordance with specific conditions of each individual project and especially with particular Client’s requirements. Cost Management activities, focused on control and optimizing of investment cost (eventually also capital expenditures or operation cost) leading to assurance of project total feasibility in all its phases, are described further.

All outputs can be provided in Czech or English language.

Preparation phase of a project

Preparation phase – Architectural Study, Documentation for Planning Permit, Documentation for Building Permit

  • Elaboration of a construction cost calculation – Cost Plan, for all the above mentioned project phases
    • Proceedings with Client’s and Designer’s representatives for the purpose of clarification and supplementation of necessary information needed for an Initial Cost Calculation.
    • Cost Calculation – calculation detail is adapted to details of available documentation. The calculation is based on internal price databases compiled from realized projects in form of aggregated items. The output is a standard Cost Plan with a text description of border circumstances of the performed calculation.
    • Presentation of cost estimations to a Client, work meetings in order to answer questions and treat final specifications.
  • Solution optimizing – Value Management
    • Solution optimizing – analyzes of a building design from both the conceptual view (areas utilization, design efficiency) and the specifications view (used materials and designed construction methods). Elaboration of options/ variations and proposals leading to savings, deadlines shortening or better evaluation of used resources.
    • Output is processed as a report describing several options of optimalization together with calculation of possible savings. After feasibility assessment of single proposals in conjunction with a Client an update of the previous Cost Calculation is elaborated.
    • Recommendation of further proceeding related to design works, control of implementation of optimizing proposals to the project documentation.
  • Further consultancy service principally focused on prices of construction works and general monitoring of the estate market, which helps a Client to defined the final product more properly and ensure its feasibility.

Preparation phase – Tender Documentation, Tender Process

  • Analyse of Tender Documentation
    • Analyse of the Tender Documentation as a basis for a Cost Budget especially related to suitability, detail and completeness of the project documentation.
    • Control of Bill of Quantities as a basis for elaboration of a Cost Budget related especially to detail and completeness of the bills.
    • Work meetings with Client’s and Designer’s representatives for the purpose of clarification and supplementation of information needed for elaboration of a Cost Calculation.
  • Elaboration of a detail Budget based on submitted Bill of Quantities
  • Organization and evaluation of a Tendering Procedure for a Contractor
    • Evaluation of a Tendering Procedure for a Contractor – assessment of delivered offers particularly focused on:
      • Fulfilment of formal requirements specified for the Tender Procedure
      • Offer prices (including a detail analysis of Item Budgets)
      • Time Schedule feasibility and its compatibility with schedules for the preparation and realization phases
      • Technology and performance procedures
      • Realization team quality (especially quality of a site manager)
    • Cost interviews with single competitors and adjustment of their cost offers
    • Evaluation and introduction of the best offer
    • Elaboration of a Final Report
    • Recommendation of a further procedure

Execution phase of a project

Execution phase of a building including finishing of a Final Account

  • Monthly review of the construction progress with a Contractor, approval of invoicing amount
  • Change proceedings, estimation of change orders and extra works, consultations with a Contractor and a Client
  • Tender Processing for subcontractors for chosen parts and specific supplies of the project.
  • Issue of regular Financial Reports for a Client, including description of the actual financial state and project progress.
  • Final Account and economical evaluation of the entire project